Financial Counselling

Costs associated with the treatment and childbirth can cause distress during pregnancy. Assisted reproductive techniques have financial implications. They can be expensive for some strata of society. Pregnancy care also strains the economy of a family. Because of this financial cost attached to childbirth, many couples, particularly pregnant mothers, may experience stress or anxiety.

How can our Financial Counselors help you?

BabyScience IVF clinics always work for the welfare of our patients. We offer private financial counseling sessions free of cost. We understand that monetary talks are always awkward. But our fertility experts can make this process comfortable for you. Assisted reproductive procedures often come up with questions and concerns about money. Our objective is to work as a financial friend for each of you, helping you understand the most cost-effective treatment approach that best fits your budget.

What are the benefits of the BabyScience IVF Clinics financial counseling program?

Our financial counselors will try to understand your situation through one-on-one consultations. We never push our patients towards the expensive procedure. Rather, we guide them towards the one best suited for them. We always have a detailed discussion with you to empower you to make the most informed decision based on your medical and financial condition.

Two benefits of the BabyScience IVF Clinics financial counseling program are

1. Helping with prior authorizations & estimates

We have years of experience in working with various health insurance companies. We can work with your insurance provider as your representative and ensure maximum benefit based on your plan. Since health care plans and employer coverage can vary from person to person, we try to get a detailed picture of your coverage. After that, we provide you with cost estimates for different treatment options. We will also inform you about all the non-covered services and the corresponding additional costs. By understanding your benefits and potential costs, you can make the most informed decision best suited to your financial and medical condition.

2. Making you understand the costs and success rates of assisted reproductive procedure

During the session with our financial counselor, you will know about various procedures available as per your medical condition and the associated costs. Our doctors work closely with our financial counselors, thus helping you get complete knowledge of your situation from a monetary and medical point of view.